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Play as a mercenary veteran sifting through the rubble of a siege

You are Tom o’Jenny, a man born into a marching band of violence that has sold its steel and soul to anyone with enough coin.

Faced with a fast approaching demise at the hands of the plague, you must find a way to claw out of the hole: Repent for a life of sin and suffering or use the skills learnt through a lifetime of violence to save your own skin.

A unique skill system

Midwood offers an innovative take on the medieval concept of “Humours”.

No archery skills, no combat prowess. Instead, develop Cognition, Rage, Greed, Suspicion or some Empathy.

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The story of Midwood

Whilst a kingdom was busy breaking apart and falling behind different pretenders to a vacant throne, a city saw a different type of uprising: Midwood had the first successful commoners rebellion.

Serfs, plebs, commoners and citizens took up arms and departed their old Lord of his head right at the market square. A new dawn was in sight, one where none would ever have to bow, prostrate or pay servitude. Only that quickly fell apart.

It is one thing to win a rebellion, whereas ruling over one is quite another. Once Lord Cooperhill’s head adorned the top of a spike, the scholars and city clerks called to form a council to govern the city. The guild masters immediately opposed, seeking an oligarchy of consortium with no central power. Furthermore, the peasants and laborers claimed for an agrarian comuna whilst an ensemble of misfits simply called to wreck all order. 

For three years, outside the city walls a certain Duke squashed all opposition to his claim to the crown, whilst Midwood saw itself engulfed by infighting. The different rebel factions only stopped their squabbling when they saw an army camped outside the city. Duke Edric Summerlyn had won his crown. Now he would see the last city to deny him as their king bend the knee...


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